“Pare down to the essence, but don’t remove the poetry” – Leonard Koren, artist and writer

The Silence of Aesthetics


Let’s be clear. This is all about you. Our rooms are designed with distinct spatial narratives for guest performance and regeneration in mind. Simply, we went back to the drawing board and re-thought a Holistic Ergonomic and Neuroaesthetic enhancing and decelerated bedroom and bathroom experience from the inside out – in ways that exemplify what it means to travel and stay better.


A magical dose of alchemy


A true union of mind and body for making people’s lives better – holistically and harmoniously – by designing and curating (plugged and unplugged) spaces, products and experiences that stimulate and inspire those who inhabit them to be their best selves – to sit back and enjoy their own rhythm. It’s in the nuances and the journey that nestwell differentiates itself and where the thread of slow hospitality and Quietitude (Quietness-With-Attitude) forethought weaves into every detail of the hotel bedroom and bathroom – and beyond.


Emotions shouldn’t be described – they should be experienced


It’s all about moments. Keenly attuned to the emotive power of wellbeing through design and Responsible Wellness, we consider ourselves interpreters of the imperfection of timeless beauty and the artisan of emotions in hospitality who believe in the harmonious flow and sensorial impact of designs, materials and technologies – that inspire and encourage a better resting, sleeping, culinary, movement and positive guest experience – every single day and stay.


We consider ourselves as Possibilists

We think everything is possible. We are passionate doers who pursue what they love and follow intuition over directions. That’s the only attitude to the future – to inspire people “to not take the regularly trodden path” and breathe in a breath of fresh air – to take a second and reflect. Change arises through possibilities.


Factivism – A deep dive celebratory combination of facts and activism.

We all have a role to play and we all have something to contribute. We accurately and in real time measure and monitor every necessary element of data and detail of the nestwell bedroom and building’s input and output via SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time- Bound) designs and features to bring about meaningful and positive change for the betterment of the building facility, all it’s occupants including the guest experience, productivity and profit. Simply, with more data will come more awareness.


The Art of Nest(ing) Well


What really interests us is not the ‘what’ but the ‘how’ that makes one [well]ness bedroom a true piece of exceptional wellness real estate and another, seemingly very similar, ordinary by comparison. It is this passion and interest that underpins our approach to [Well]being through Design and Slow Hospitality and makes us seek to master the art of every element of what and how we do so that we can deliver exceptional experiences to your guest.


Deep Listening. Listening Out Loud


It’s the difference between the involuntary nature of hearing and the voluntary, selective nature of listening. Deep listening is about going below the surface of what is heard, listening in as many ways as possible to everything that can possibly be heard all of the time. Deep listening is exploring the relationships among any and all sounds whether natural or technological, intended or unintended, real, remembered or imaginary – Thought is included.

Simply, nestwell is about listening to the world as a field of possibilities. It’s like free dancing where healing ideas are played full blast. It takes us below the surface of our streaming consciousness, expands the boundaries of perception and helps to change or eliminate any limiting boundaries while finding focus. Through accessing many forms of listening we grow and change.


Quintessentially Contrarian – It pays to be different

Novelty is over. Although our primary shared value is radical open-mindedness, we constantly question popular narratives in search of hidden accuracies. We believe this is especially useful in project investing – i.e. investing based on narrative versus narrative with substance. Our starting point therefore – which is the core uniqueness of nestwell – is to relentlessly question each narrative layer in pursuit of accuracy especially if the idea is incongruent with popular opinion and which goes against conventional wisdom. Yes, being a contrarian can be lonely – i.e. believing in an idea that violates the popular narrative – however, as successful experience has proven, one has to do things differently to succeed.


Our audience

Those who are constantly striving to be better than who they were yesterday – It’s through this daring pursuit that they are lead to opposing extremes: Discipline and Indulgence. Relentlessness and Relaxation. Excess and Absence. They want it all. They go after it all. And they want a place, a space and experience that share’s their appreciations for these collisions. For the all and the nothing!


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