“Everything in Excess is opposed to Nature” – Hippocrates


Ever think “there must be a better way?” – There is
Ours is an ecosystem of experiential and multi sensorial luxury surroundings – a slow luxury and indulgent escape from the ordinary and the hub of all things extraordinary – weaving together multi-dimensional narratives and an elevating and refined bedroom and bathroom staying experience – that bring the guest into a state of inner and outer ease, calm and contentment.


Unearth your own values from the avalanche of others
To challenge, inspire and empower hotel architects, designers, developers, owners and operators to be bold and daring, shun the status quo, push the limits on design for wellbeing, craftsmanship and responsible innovation and think differently about their spaces – specifically Salutogenic design and psychology and physiology of the space – starting with the hotel bedroom and bathroom. 


Experience the before and after
Inspired by nature – the greatest minimalist of all – for us it’s about the art of better living, new ways of being – specifically harnessing the power of choice – and using it as a force for unrelenting good – and creating engaging spaces and experiences in purposeful interior design. 

Designed to be desired – it’s about realizing the role emotion plays in the hotel bedroom staying experience by indulging and stimulating the senses on multiple levels – beckoning us towards vitality focused bedroom and bathroom design that encourages inner and outer contemplation, regeneration and revitalization – every single day and stay – through the harmonious and poetic union of Clean and ‘Slow’ technology, color, pattern and natural materials.

Experiential Feature: Sleep

Rediscover Sleep
Curating a mindfully made mood for your sleeping space. Sleep is the new status symbol. It is a measure of success – a skill to be cultivated and nourished – as a human potential enhancer and life extender.

Sleep is one of the essential pillars of holistic well-being. In fact, four in five people have trouble sleeping when travelling. The business traveler loses around 58 minutes of sleep each night when staying away from home, averaging just 5 hours and 17 minutes of sleep

Architecture of Sleep
A good night’s sleep begins when you wake up – Recognizing that only you can sleep for you, a key objective of experiencing a nestwell bedroom is to inspire and empower the guest to improve their sleep so they can live and be at their best. Sleep is the single most effective thing you can do to reset your brain and body. 

To nestwell you must sleep well. While sleep is an active state, it also offers a pause as your brain, body and spirit process, restore and rejuvenate. Researchers have coined the ‘glymphatic system’ as the brain’s waste disposal, removing all the toxins that have built up throughout the day. When sleep is deprived or even disturbed, the glymphatic system does not have time to perform its function and toxins build up.

nestwell inspires a new respect for enhanced sleep and its positive impact of work, life and wellbeing balance via the 12 symbiotic principles of nestwell and specifically the 5 key experiential features resulting in the ROI and ROV of a good night’s rest and sleep for the guest – and yes, the hotel.


Experiential Highlight: Mattress

Crafting the art of sleeping well – Awarded the prestigious RED DOT Design Award 2020. The world’s first certified Cradle to Cradle mattress and also, OEKO Tex 100 certified. So, what this really means.

The most recyclable, responsible luxury and planet friendly mattress and complete sleeping system ever created. Using patented technology and new innovative materials to create the next evolution and generation of mattresses that have total sleep comfort and anatomical and ergonomic performance – where every detail contributes towards a anatomically correct lying and restful sleep – happiness enhancing and the natural environment, at the core of the design and ends each day with restful, restorative sleep.

Experiential Highlight: Organic Bed linen & Pillow Menu

The Art of Bedscape and Roomscape – engaging the senses, celebrating the bed and shaping your dreams via a slow luxury sleep and [well]being enhancing experience with expertly crafted GOTS and GOLS certified and Fair Trade organic bed and bath linen – including a Dreamscapes Pillow Menu – and soft furnishings designed to be as restorative and restful enhancing and enticing during the day as it is insanely comforting at night. 

The Thread that runs through every nestwell bedroom 
is that home away from home feeling. Responsible beyond the thread, nestwell realizes and recognizes that fibres and fibre systems that originate from nature are perfect just the way they are. Understanding that comfort doesn’t begin with our designs – it starts with the respect and provenance we show each part of the process. From the soil our fibres are raised from, throughout every step in the supply chain and manufacturing process to the hotelier and guest that welcome us into the most sacred part of their staying experience.

That’s why each of our Circular textile pieces is designed and manufactured with love, care and consideration – and thus the reason we use only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, GOLS certified organic latex or wild harvested fibres and materials and strive to enhance the health and wellbeing of our biosphere and ensure we keep our products clean and toxin-free. Then at the end of it’s lifecycle we re-cycle, re-purpose and up-cycle the linens.

Lose Count
A bed is not the place for counting – not sheep and not threads. When you crawl between the sheets, you want to feel covered in softness and comfort, not numbers.

At nestwell, we believe thread count is only one part of the equation, Sure, it tells you how many threads are in a square inch of fabric, however linens with the same thread count can vary significantly in quality and how they feel to you depending on the grade of cotton (in our instance – organic) used, the weaving techniques and finishes. That is why we encourage you to lose count – and to realize and recognize the hand and markings of truly exquisite GOTS certified organic linens. 

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Experiential Feature: Water

The wisdom of it. The luxury of it. The spirit of it. The necessity of it – The epitome of life energy, the point from which everything originates and an integral part of the wellness journey – discover healing and water rituals through sensuous and multisensory water experiences that will reinvigorate the mind, body and spirit. Water is life.

And there is a beauty in water. As an element, water changes and transforms an environment. It can render a space unique. This is the reason a nestwell bathroom puts the power of Blue Mind – how being near, in, or under water can enhance and elevate happiness and wellbeing – at the center of things, as the point from which everything originates.


Experiential Highlight: Bathroom

Immersive Ritual Bathroom wellness architecture
Re-imagining the nestwell bathroom as a multi sensorial haven for inner and outer contemplation – from the here to the now – and tranquility – specifically how it relates to the guests mental, physical and spiritual regeneration and cleanliness and hygiene. In many instances it’s the only space for solitude in which you have a private moment to disconnect, slow down in ways that help you realize just how much of a moment the occasion should be every day or provide your immune system a boost.

Where precision in form and function meets diversity of expression – From the minimalistic and natural materiality qualities of the surfaces, luxurious comfort of an intelligent toilet to the effortless and elegant simplicity of a touchless faucet and uncompromising robustness of a wash basin or the restorative powers of an experiential luxury shower – a nestwell bathroom offers a multiplicity of minimalist and [Well]being Through Design water fixtures, water rituals and technologies each designed to embrace the human body – all harmoniously exuding an immersive and soothing embodiment of calm aesthetics and multisensory effect and experience that replenishes and strengthens.

Efficient to the Last Drop
United by the spirit of Responsible Water Stewardship and Clean and Smart Technology – and radically inspired by the greatest minimalist of all – nature itself – specifically the energetic shapes that reference natural forms – a nestwell bathroom sets new standards for improving the water footprint of bathroom design and product manufacturing. Whether at the washbasin, bathtub or shower, the various fixtures use at least 50% less water without compromising on the guest staying experience 

Experiential highlight: The Shower

Experiential Shower: When you take a shower, where does your shower take you?
And from above – your shower, your moment. While glistening natural and gentle rain falls on you from above, this turns every shower into a sanctuary of inner and outer enhanced [Well]being and total bliss. Wellness Architecturally pleasing, a pleasure for the senses and organic shapes based on the beauty of Biomimicry inspired technology and ingenuity that sets new standards of water and energy conservation – transforming the showering experience from ordinary – extraordinary.

The Performing shower
How should a fitting be designed so that it not only fulfills its function, but also empowers the user to create whatever experience they need at that moment. Our showers stand for performance. They are state of the art yet quality craftsmanship and elegant simplicity.

Rain Shower: Summon the Rain
Natural rain is the oldest, purest, most pleasing to our senses and sensuous form of showering. The sound of rain tells a story. Stand beneath it, listen, and be mesmerized by the properties of large pearl-like drops that envelopes the body and experience their special secret as they fall as light as a feather, almost weightlessly, bursting softly and directly into the body. Let the lavish and gentle raindrops wash away yesterday’s worries or summon a summer storm and lose yourself in it.

Water Therapy Shower: A Retreat for the Soul.
An experience where hydrotherapy treatments harness the healing power of water and in which the cleansing power of water brings body and mind into a state of yin and yang. Water therapy shower treatments – as part of a health-conscious and wellbeing enhancing lifestyle – enriches your life. Together with experts in Kneipp therapy and wellness research, nestwell offers bespoke solutions for the therapeutic enhancing shower experience.

A clear powerful cascade. Shower beneath a waterfall or at a spring. Water can take many forms. And thus, continually turns showering into a new experience.

Experiential Highlight: Water Filtration

Water is the elixir of life. Nothing impacts our well-being more than the quality of the water we drink. Our body is 60% water, our brain is 70% water, and our lungs are nearly 90% water. Each day, we need to replace 2.4 liters of water through ingested liquid and foods. It is a proven fact that every fourth person doesn’t drink enough water.

nestwell makes drinking water exciting!
With nestwell, you’ll enjoy water in a totally new and innovative way, and automatically drink more reinvigorating water throughout the day. Why is drinking sufficient healthy and vital water so important? Because it:

– Impacts all of your body functions

– Can slow down the aging process.

– Strengthens your immune system.

– Noticeably enhanced your quality of life

With every sip of water you take, YOU decide whether you consume dull and dead water or energetically rich and vital water. If you had the choice between regular tap water and fresh spring water, what would you choose?

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Experiential Feature: Light

Feel light transformed. Light, as far as humanity can recall, has always been used to get a hold on time. However light should not just be considered a mere tool to measure the passing of time, it also shows us ever-changing beauty, simplicity and emotion and specifically, how light enchantingly envelops the surrounding space – whatever the moment. 

Idealizing light as a guiding tool 
Light – it shapes the world around us. Dynamic and always evolving, it’s as alive as the very life it illuminates. It energizes and soothes, invigorates and inspires and a guiding tool emphasizing the hierarchies of spaces and functions.

Tapping into our Circadian Architecture and Chronobiology – specifically the 351 genes that influence each of our individual chronotypes – the genetically determined internal clock that governs our optimum sleep and activity times – which in turn naturally and proactively keeps the body’s internal clock aligned with the 24-hour diurnal/nocturnal cycle – light (or lack it) plays a central role in regulating our circadian rhythm and thus is the most external factor impacting our psychological, physiological and cognitive wellbeing.


Experiential highlight: Bio Adaptive & Circadian Lighting System

Transforming the natural light in the bedroom to create the perfect mood – whatever the moment.
Like letters that become words and stories on a page – or notes that come to life and sound on a musical score. At its core, nestwell Lite – a full spectrum, sensorial luxury, energy efficient, secure and smart ergonomic LED and 3D printed Circadian lighting control system – designed to seamlessly and transform and create a high vibrancy wellness architecture bedroom interior with happier vibes and an enhanced health and wellbeing guest staying experience.

Crafting the Art of Taking Back – well
No one wants to see beautiful – and even much loved – luminaires in a landfill. That’s why – together with our specialist lighting partner – nestwell has developed a first-of-its-kind in the hospitality sector- Take Back system for the glue free 3D printed luminaires  – which can be renewed and upcycled as per the guiding principles of The Circular Economy.

An eco-system of Smart and Clean Technology
nestwell Connected – a wellbeing enhancing technology and tailor-made software application specifically designed to address all the luminous needs of all spaces and bring together connected lighting systems – including the data those systems collect – within the hotel bedroom and all spaces beyond – i.e. the lobby, eateries, etc. Simply, the bio-adaptive lighting is not in the lights themselves but in the smart room management software controlling them. 
The system delivers exceptional luminous performance, real-time operational transparency and streamlining and significantly improved overall energy efficiency across your property, enabling you – the hotelier – to deliver an improved ROI (Return on Investment), ROV (Return on Values) and an enhanced guest experience. 


Experiential Feature: Indoor Air Quality

Improved air quality is conducive to a great night’s sleep and rest – which for most, if not all hoteliers, is the number one priority for their guests. Clean air and living breathing spaces improves our health and wellbeing and it assists us to lead happier and healthy lives by enhancing sleep, concentration and physical performance.

Experiential Highlight: Air Filtration

nestwell has redefined the term ‘high performance’ for stand-alone air cleaning systems and with powerful, high efficiency air cleaning at it’s best and at it’s quietest. A device that’s immensely powerful, yet so quiet you almost forget it’s there. 


Experiential Highlight: Air Filtration via Biophilia

An unburdening of our cognitive system tonic to ease stress and fatigue – experience the uncovered bliss of nature inspiring Biophilia and natural affinity for living systems – within the bedroom – specifically a nestwell bedroom. 

Creating nature inspired sections with living wall plant and/or natural material filters retains our connection and interconnection with nature – not only it’s beauty which complements any interior decor style – but also the filtering of indoor toxins which adds natural and energy rich oxygen to the space and thus enhancing both indoor air quality and the overall staying experience of the guest. A genuine breath of fresh air.


Experiential Feature: Movement 

The Art of Better – Activity based movement is a location specific nestwell interior design concept which promotes mobility with ergonomically designed spaces – specifically the bedroom and bathroom – bespoke curated for the specific tasks and activities to be performed. Simply, pursuing a healthy lifestyle is not a trend, it’s an investment in becoming a healthier, happier and more resilient version of yourself.

A temple to total reinvigoration in the room – Experience movement however and whenever you want it in the haven and privacy of your room – with seamlessly integrated and always-on physical and digital programming. We created the nestwell Equilibrium room for those who seek a place that matches the scale of their ambitions and a space to replenish and reinvigorate.

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Experiential Highlight: Fitness

Your body. Our Concern. Innovative, Functional and Responsible luxury cardio, strength, co ordination and all-in one fitness equipment – made from natural wood materials from renewable forests – and “connect-fit features” – i.e. real time streaming anywhere in the comfort of your workout space – which blend seamlessly into any nestwell room like a piece of furniture. 

Experiential Highlight: Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk.

We’ve got your back. Create a stress–free space that supports all sides of you. Infused with purity, functionality and intelligent Scandinavian design and craftsmanship – a unique, sleek sit-stand and seamlessly adjusting height adjustable desk that ergonomically, comfortably and productively supports you. 


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