“To be away from home and yet to feel oneself everywhere at home” – Charles Baudelaire

An Ode to [Well]being through Design


The Nature of Desirability – peeling back the layers of detail, layers of expression – and bringing them together. Synonymous with quantifying and enhancing the intrinsic value of [Well]being through Design and Wellness Real Estate of a hotel and superyacht bedroom and offering an ode of silent architecture, where the meaning of stillness in motion – i.e. the upside of downtime and simply being and ‘switching off’ – truly comes to fruition.

At it’s core – a new industry guiding framework of 12 Symbiotic Principles, 5 Key Experiential Luxury features and 4 types of bedrooms – each underpinned by a slow journey narrative around a room and in constant metamorphosis.


Essentially Phenomeno-logical™


A Neologism created by nestwell to define the uniqueness and key experiential and sensorial attributes of nestwell – and unlike any other. As the artisan and protagonists of Slow Hospitality and curators of experiences with purposeful intention, for us it’s about the art of better living and enhanced contentment in slow and evidenced based wellness interior design – specifically the decelerated hotel room experience.

Designed around you – with both guest mood and operational performance in mind – and inspired by nature and its processes – it’s everything you need and none of what you don’t. This is only the start of our story. The rest is a blank page for you to experience and write.


Our story starts with you


While travel is always a departure from the ordinary, we set out to challenge the status quo that travel – and specifically the hotel and superyacht bedroom and bathroom – needs to be a total disruption to your routine. We believe that travel, wellness and mindfulness – and moreover the Slow travel experience – can be more than just an industry and instead shapes, molds and enriches us into who we are and who we will become.


Experiential and Sensorial comes as standard


Experiential and sensorial luxury thoughtfully designed – a typical nestwell bedroom and bathroom reflects a unique visual lexicon which highlights the next evolution of Quietitude Through Design and ‘The New Comfort’ – experientialism over materialism – where the poetry of the décor encapsulates the essence of wellness brilliance and contented stillness of a harmonious and balanced bedroom and bathroom ecosystem experience.


Holistic Ergonomics – The art of thoughtful bedrooms


It’s in the nuances and the journey that we differentiate ourselves. Every element that goes into the physical design of a nestwell bedroom and bathroom space is based on the belief that spaces are fully participatory in the wellbeing enhancing experience. Simply, to create spaces which soothe and heal in ways that enhance happiness, mindfulness and physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing.


Nomadic by Design


Celebrating the neighbourhood we’re in. Defined by a strong and individual narrative and destination-driven experience – and guided by a framework of 12 symbiotic principles – each nestwell space re-interprets and curates culturally engaging and harmonious architectural settings with relevance to the “local, local” context – offering the guest a sense of imminent discovery and immersion.


The Spirit of “I”


Choosing to focus on yourself is an undeniably radical act. The nestwell approach is to invite you to slow down, lean into your curiosity and pursue acts of ‘self care’ that will ultimately assist us to restore and replenish our inner and outer selves, so that we can remind ourselves of our worthiness, become more mindful, connected, engaged citizens and travellers and thus – be less self indulgent and more caring.


A Space to do Nothing. And absolutely everything (“la dolce far niente”)


In an era when time, distance and attention spans are increasingly compressed, there is one constant – Slow Travel and specifically Slow Hospitality – that still draws us to visit and embrace the imperfect, the strange and indigenous – and its ability to positively transform and reshape our relationship with places and people. In addition, to re-engineer how we slow down, be in the present, create longer moments and how we spend our time – transforming it into a commodity of abundance rather than scarcity.

Pace is an inseparable part of all technologies


In the age of Responsible Materialism and Conscious Consumerism, people are seeking a deeper sense of quietude and quest to reconnect around three distinctive types of ambient technologies – all which focus on what matters most including technology that helps to erase boundaries – and where these technologies are at the core of the nestwell experience:

Slow Technology – using technology intentionally to improve our lives without letting it control us.
Inner Technology – via inner engineering, to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it.
Clean Technology – products, services and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources dramatically improving the use of natural resources.


Press Pause. A Shift in Consciousness and Mindfulness


That’s the reason we created nestwell – as a launchpad, model and quest to something radically different – a transformation economy.

Unearthing our own values from the avalanche of others and carving our own definitions from widely held schools of thought – specifically in the cutting edge fields of Environmental Psychology, Neuroaesthetics, Biomimicry and Restorative Biology – this is the basis of our recommendations as we consider every element of Impact Based Thinking, Positive Impact Investing, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Values (ROV) and ROW (Return on Wellness)- specifically focused on amplifying the betterment of people, the biosphere, productivity and profit – where all equally matter and benefit.

This PMA (Present Moment Awareness) approach evokes a deep sense of inclusion and oneness with the natural environment that measures success based on more holistic, conscious and virtuous outcomes while contributing to the big picture of building a resilient and thriving global hospitality sector and their immediate surrounding local communities.

Simply, we tread lightly, or not at all and what matters is what lasts. [Well]being through Design and Wellness Architecture – is not only a better way to build – it’s the only way to build. It’s a celebration of life and state of mind about having the courage not to go the way of the crowd and channeling this tapestry of commitment in ever evolving way

And as we continue to follow these values upon which we were founded, we hope to inspire others to do the same.


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