QUIETITUDE™ – Where the hotel – and specifically the hotel bedroom – reflects a regions culture, artisan producers and materials where the motto is “Do not disturb”

Our 12 Symbiotic Principles

It all starts here. Unearthing our own values from the avalanche of others and carving our own definitions from widely held schools of thought, the nestwell guiding framework is rigorous and deep yet also accessible and flexible – meeting investors, owners and operators where they are at in the adoption of Wellbeing through Design, Slow Hospitality and regenerative mindsets – starting with the hotel and superyacht bedroom and bathroom experience.

And remember, Wellbeing through Design and transformational design isn’t meant to be easy, it is meant to be challenging, filled with unknowns and trials, unexpected yet positive revelations and experiential and sensorial luxury experiences, yet somehow leave us yearning for more. And as we continue to follow these values upon which we were founded, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Foster and embrace a culture of creative and responsible innovative thinking to create an enhanced Wellbeing through Design, – including Feng Shui, Geomancy and Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry – inspired indoor environment and experience.

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