QUIETITUDE™ – Where the hotel – and specifically the hotel bedroom – reflects a regions culture, artisan producers and materials where the motto is “Do not disturb”

Our 12 Symbiotic Principles

It all starts here. Unearthing our own values from the avalanche of others and flipping the script from widely held schools of thought, the nestwell guiding framework is rigorous and deep yet also inclusive and flexible – meeting investors, Asset Managers, Developers, owners and operators where they are at in the recalibration of [Well]being through Design and Slow Hospitality mindsets – starting with the hotel bedroom and bathroom, spa treatment room and superyacht interior experience.

And remember, Wellbeing through Design and Restorative Design isn’t meant to be easy, it is meant to be challenging, filled with unknowns and trials, unexpected yet positive and inspiring revelations and experiential and sensorial luxury experiences, yet somehow leave us yearning for more. And as we continue to nurture this industry disrupting stance upon which we were founded, we hope to inspire others to do the same.

Foster and embrace a culture of creative and responsible innovative thinking to create an enhanced Wellbeing through Design, – including Feng Shui, Geomancy and Sacred Geometry and Biomimicry – inspired indoor environment and experience.

Eliminate indoor air pollution and ensure constant and high levels of clean indoor air quality that enhance the health, comfort and wellbeing of the nestwell guest room, the overall building facility and its occupants.

Where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice. To support the guiding provenance of Slow and Organic/Biodynamic/Regenerative food and beverage – all based on the natural wise cycles of nature.

Improve the ergonomics of sound and eliminate noise pollution through the identification and mitigation of acoustical comfort parameters that shape and enhance the staying experience of the guest.

Provide circadian accurate lighting in all spaces that supports and comforts the body’s circadian rhythm and enhances sleep quality, energizes the mind and body and positively impacts mood in the most effective, efficient, appropriate and harmonizing way.

Where active and physical movement is integrated into the heartbeat of the bedroom design and experience – including, working, exercising and resting – where doing nothing is doing something to feel good about.

Improve the overall water footprint of the building specifically focusing on the quality, filtration, usage and distribution of water via Responsible, Living Water and Moisture Management and Cleantech water technologies.

Create enhanced indoor thermal environments that provide comfortable thermal conditions – specifically an individualized microclimate zone around a single space (i.e. the hotel bedroom) – through improved HVAC system design and control, and by meeting personal thermal preferences.

Promote and Enhance a Happiness and Wellbeing Index of a ‘local, local’ culture’s desires, heritage, education, craft and sustenance through social equity, accessible design and new collaborative ventures.

To enhance the guest stay experience with provenance & purpose that embraces the values of equitable soil-to-skin processes that elevate and enhance the natural qualities and technical performance of bio region GOTS certified organic and wellbeing enhancing textiles – and evoke an overall feeling of premium comfort, performance & sensory stimulation that brings the restorative energy of the earth into the bedroom that is gentle with sensitive skin.

Promote Restorative Sensory Management and Eco Psychology policies, programs and strategies that are designed to positively influence cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing – including the guest staying experience.

Improve and eliminate human exposure to ‘Forever’ chemicals and materials with safer and wellbeing enhancing material compounds that contribute to the Bio-harmony of the building, it’s occupants and biosphere.

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