Key Attributes


Voyage around a room 
Is more than just a feeling or a moment – It’s an adventure in going nowhere, an immersive wellness anthology experience and joyful wander that originates from special moments and unique experiences  – and what that it, is up to you.


Stillness in Motion 
Life flows with a simple rhythm – the rythm of our stillness – and in the context of nestwell – how a space can alter a guest’s sense of being in haste and acceleration.


Slow Luxury 
Slowness is the forgotten dimension to time. Luxury – in this instance – is absolute freedom, absolute spatiality, absolute creativity and absolute purpose – a precious commodity in our time scarce society. Appreciate the slow flow of time and you will live experiences that will caress your memory for a long time.


The New Comfort 
The difference between time spent and time well spent. Decelerated is a state of mind. It’s about having the courage not to go the way of the crowd and perseverance to constantly evolve.


Positively Restorative & Organic  
(aka “natural design”) – free from superficial and superfluous things – nestwell brings in elements of the natural world through shape, form, color, materials and texture which in turn creates the epitome of a tranquil bedroom and bathroom sanctuary and restorative awakening of mental and cognitive wellbeing.


Holistic Ergonomics 
Bespoke configurations for you to experience. Fuses and takes into consideration the physical (i.e. engineering – how the guests body fits and moves within the defined space), cognitive and social ergonomics of the hotel bedroom space and experience.


(aka “place-based design”) connects local culture, heritage and ecology within the built – and not-so-built environment.


Is the result of it all and the molecules of emotion that we see reflected are based on the state of your enhanced physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing. 

Recommended Average Size Room: 45 square meters

The Rise of Analogue – Slow is not a speed, it’s a mindset. Unwind and experience the 12 Symbiotic  principles including 5 key experiential features of NestWell in a totally unplugged and Omline way – i.e. finding the balance between Online and Offline.

We take cues from Mother Nature herself. To totally disconnect in order to reconnect – to experience the difference between Chronological time – the time we live in or “regular” time – staring at the clock until bedtime – and “Kairos” time – where time is non linear and measured qualitatively – savoring the 1440 minutes rather than counting them. So, if you must hurry, then hurry slowly (“Festina Lente”).

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Recommended Average Size Room: 60 – 80 square meters
Literally Transformative – Don’t count every second, instead make every second count. Encounter total inner and outer happiness and sublime bliss in a king-sized bed layered with luxury organic and temperature-regulating natural fibres, in-room sauna; Hamam; Biomimicry inspired rain showering system and joint releasing in-room treatments all infused with the 12 Guiding Principles of nestwell.



Recommended Average Size Room: 45 – 60 square meters.
Utterly Re-storative – Imagine yourself in an idyllic state of wellbeing, where time naturally flows. The perfect room and space to experience the 12 Symbiotic principles and 5 key experiential features of nestwell – The difference is in the details, borrowed from residential living at its best – where happiness, serenity, barefoot luxury walking across the wooden floors; total sound proofing; integrated technology for effortless personalization; going to sleep and mindful bathing is stepping into another state of mind. It’s a slow luxury and recalibrating experience of tranquil contours and broken geometries where minimalism is not self–denying.

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Recommended Average Size Room: 45 – 80 square meters.
For those who rest and play as hard as they work A temple to total reinvigoration in the room and when privacy dictates. Ergonomic designed to anticipate and meet every need – leaving you primed to perform in ways you never thought possible. Stay where high-performance lives, nestwell Equilibrium rooms are designed with your performance and total re-equilibrium in mind.

In addition to the 12 Symbiotic principles and 5 key experiential features of nestwell, experience the re balancing tools of luxury full body fitness equipment made with natural materials and live streaming “connect fit” studio-style and group fitness classes anytime, anywhere in the comfort of your own private space.


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