nestWell x HIX 2021

Voyage around a room. A slow journey of discovery and enhanced (well) being

What is wellbeing and how can we design to promote it – especially spaces – for the betterment of people, planet, productivity and – yes – profit – where Positive Impact Investing and Return on Values is the order of the day? In an era (even post Covid) when time, distance and our attention spans are increasingly compressed, why is “slow”, “stillness”, “contemplative” and “wellness real estate” the single constant and narrative that is fostering and inspiring both Promads (Progressive Nomads) – and not-so – to visit and experience a particular place/space?

Thus the reasons for creating nestwell – A Responsible Wellness and Contemplative thematic room solution – specifically the hotel room ecosystem – that sets a new industry framework of shaping and elevating Stillness in Motion and Motion in Stillness – integrating the best of the WELL standard, Slow Design, Silent Architecture and Design For Wellbeing.

At it’s core Quietitude (Quietness–With–An-Attitude)– a Slow Hospitality journey of discovery – specifically a voyage around a room – each underpinned by ‘The New Comfort’ – experientialism over materialism – i.e. spaces which exult intentionality and contemplativeness – and in constant metamorphosis – that evoke enhanced physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing.

Exclusively launching at HIX in November, 2021 ( Engage your curiosity and draw happiness and inspiration from an ode of creativity via three experiential and sensorial luxury thematic nestwell room installations – each highlighting and showcasing the bedroom as a sequence and compendium of industry transforming 12 guiding principles, SMART (Specific, Measureable , Achievable, Realistic and Timeless) designs, Epigenetics – how the environment and your interaction with the environment, influence the activity of your genes and Neuroplasticity – how sensory stimulation and habits of thinking and behavior and emotions influence the very structure of your brain.

As eve, when it comes to our relationship with where and how we live and travel, a nestwell experience is all about how it makes you feel and how the experience contributes towards an enhanced state of happiness and mindfulness.