The Artisan of Decelerated, Contemplative and Purpose driven Spaces

Re-Imagineering and Transforming hotel bedroom and bathroom spaces that evoke and enhance Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Wellbeing.

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5 Key Experiential Features

12 Symbiotic Principles

4 nestwell Room Types

The Silence of Aesthetics

Let’s be clear. This is all about you. Our rooms are designed with distinct spatial narratives for guest performance and regeneration in mind. Simply, we went back to the drawing board and re-thought a Holistic Ergonomic and Neuroaesthetic enhancing and decelerated bedroom and bathroom experience from the inside out – in ways that exemplify what it means to travel and stay better.

Wellness Industry

Wellness is more than a trend – it’s fast becoming an integrated part of mainstream living, working, being pampered and playing. It is for anyone and everyone who desires to be healthy, happy, look good, B engaged, productive and active. It’s a 3.4 trillion dollar industry that will continue to power the global economy for the next three decades or more.

In 2020 the industry of wellness generated US$639 billion, growing double the rate than the tourism sector and surpassing all other key sectors in the health and wellness industry.

Wellbeing as wealth – The uncertain times brought by Covid-19 in 2020 has given the already booming wellness movement a healthy push. Affluent consumers realize that wellness and in particular wellbeing is the real wealth.

An Ode to [Well]being through Design

The Nature of Desirability – peeling back the layers of detail, layers of expression – and bringing them together. Synonymous with quantifying and enhancing the intrinsic value of [Well]being through Design and Wellness Real Estate of a hotel and superyacht bedroom and offering an ode of silent architecture, where the meaning of stillness in motion – i.e. the upside of downtime and simply being and ‘switching off’ – truly comes to fruition.

At it’s core – a new industry guiding framework of 12 Symbiotic Principles, 5 Key Experiential Luxury features and 4 types of bedrooms – each underpinned by a slow journey narrative around a room and in constant metamorphosis.


Motti Essakow


Faty Eskandarypur

Slow Textiles and Conscious Materials

Juergen E. Seidel

Engineering, Technical & Clean Technology

Helen Coulon

Responsible Spa and Wellness

Jordan Ashley

Director Restorative, Wellbeing and Mindfulness Experiences

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